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 - Added page for Geometria Różniczkowa II .

 - New link to article in UQTR Bulletin (Canada) about my research.

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About me


     I'm a mathematical physicist working at the University of Warsaw. My research interest are focused on differential geometry and its applications in mathematics, physics and biology. More specifically, I do research on


- Differential equations,

- Geometric Quantum Mechanics,

- Symplectic, Poisson, Dirac,  k-symplectic geometry, Polisymplectic and multsimplectic geometry,

- Lie systems, superposition rules and their generalisations,

- Lie bialgebras and Poisson coalgebras.

- Supergeometry,

- Geometric quantization.

                                Updated CV


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I am organizing together with prof. X. Rivas the Gamma seminar for our research groups in the Faculty of Physics of the University of Warsaw and the Politechnical University of Catalonia. For further information

Seminars are recorded and shared in YouTube. If you want to take part, please send me an email.



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& Poisson

Lie system

+ Bachel0r+

Prace magisterskie/licencjarskie

Jezeli chcesz napisać pracą licencjarską/magisterską o geometrii różniczkowej i jej zastosowaniach w matematyce i fizyce, to skontaktuj ze mną.

Do you want to find me? 

KMMF ul. Pasteura 5, pokoj 5.46

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